Traced Objects

Est. 2019

Various Media Editions. 

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The Dead Mauriacs - Les Incidents du Temple

Casette / Digital - 50 minutes

“"In the temple garden, the perspectives are changing, revealed by paper windows, hidden by panels, which, when sliding, create new views, cut out new spaces for the eye of the motionless walker. When we linger, the eyes perceive many details which can pass as insignificant.

- Olivier Prieur

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type/token - The Jagged Dog

Cassette / Digital 40 minutes.

"I've focused much more over the past little while on developing texture, rather than structure."

"A dog barks. Test subject speaks of a jagged dog and explains barking as an acoustic serration. The jagged dog is contrasted with the polished dog - that is, the quiet dog."

- M. Nelson

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J. Soliday - Garble Blox

Cassette / Digital 35 minutes.

Misused Speech Synthesis

“I tend to think of my work narratively at times like following a complex Rube Goldberg machine, not so much to see whatever menial end goal the machine might have but the twists and turns along the way. ”
- J. Soliday

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Secret Science - First Discoveries

Cassette / Digital 38 minutes.

“Secret Science is, among many things, the soundtrack of scientific
discoveries - micromacro-cosmos. The poetry of magnetic fields, old
photography and illustrations of science, lightning, sunspots,
fluorescent green light in nature, electricity etc. etc."  - Max Kuiper 

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Nat Baldwin

28 minutes.

Noise, free improv, and new music collide. Performed on solo contrabass.

Each track is a document of a single, unedited performance.

Recorded by Peter McLaughlin

Mastered by Caleb Mulkerin

Available here.